Graduation Requirements

To successfully graduate, one must complete the requirments of graduation for both the University Graduate School and the CEAS Graduate Studies Office. These requirements (including necessary forms) are listed below.

*Applications for graduation must be completed by the specified deadline or graduation will be deferred to a later term.

University Graduate School Requirements

  1. Review Deadlines - Please review and meet the deadlines for applying for and submitting graduation materials.

  2. Complete the "Graduation Checklist" - Formally apply for graduation by completing each step in the University Graduate School Graduation Checklist

  3. Graduate School Public Defense Announcement - Prior to a thesis defense, students MUST post a public notice at the Graduation Checklist (1 week prior for MS students and 2 weeks prior for PhD students).


College of Engineering and Applied Science Requirements

  1. Meet with Program Coordinator - The student must meet with their program coordinator to discuss information regarding the thesis committee and thesis committee members.

  2. Defense Public Notice Forms - The student must submit a defense public notice form to the graduate office prior to their defense. The PhD Notice must be submitted 2 weeks before the defense and the MS Public Notice must be submitted 1 week before the defense.

  3. CEAS Defense Form - The CEAS Defense Form must be submitted on the day of or after a thesis defense. This form is also required for PhD proposals.

  4. Program of Study - In order to graduate, each student must have completed a Program of Study Form outlining their courses and research.

  5. Committee Approval Form - This form is generated through the Graduation Checklist

  6. Plagiarsim Pedge Form - The Plagiarsim Pledge Form must be signed and turned in to the graduate Studies Office in order for a thesis to be accepted.

  7. Submit Thesis/Dissertation to SafeAssign - Every graduating student must submit their thesis or dissertation to SafeAssign through Blackboard in Canopy. A short tutorial on how to do this may be found here.