Dean's Message

Interim Dean Lim

“Our vision is to produce outstanding engineers and scientists.” We’re engineering better engineers and welcome you to become one of them.

Whether your interests favor advancing the science of engineering, designing next generation vehicles, taking artificial intelligence to ever more capable robots and factory systems, discovering applications for nanotechnology, building energy efficient structures to last beyond the next century, or leading the way in "green" implementations—CEAS offers degree programs and cooperative work experiences to launch your career successfully.

As one of the most innovative of colleges, CEAS takes great pride in our highly-regarded curriculum with its emphasis on experiential learning and immersion in engineering starting in the very first year. We invented cooperative education—a transformative experience which fosters a sense of teamwork and achievement by our students. Our collaborative activities with area companies produce students who are innovators and entrepreneurs, capable of working at the very edge where world-changing knowledge unfolds.

Together with our industrial partners, CEAS is not only a leader in research, but an innovation hub - not just in the Tri-State but in the Midwest. Our research programs attract top-flight talent and are steadily expanding as evidenced by a growing number of patents, commercialized projects, and research grants.  

The University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science is an institution with a long-standing tradition of excellence and opportunity that continuously moves our community to the next plateau. With strong research programs, internationally renowned cooperative work experiences, a world-class Learning Center and a long history of educational excellence in technology and engineering, the College of Engineering and Applied Science delivers unparalleled opportunities for our students and graduates.

Welcome to UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science where WE ENGINEER BETTER™ is more than a statement it’s a commitment.

Teik C. Lim, PhD
College of Engineering and Applied Science