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Wind Tunnel Lab

Laboratories occupy an integral part of the overall course structure. Laboratory experience includes experimental techniques applicable to areas of fluid dynamics, structures, controls, and propulsion. Digital computer techniques are introduced early in the program and are generously used in the courses. Students gain practical experience in the application of academic studies through cooperative work in aerospace and allied industry, in government laboratories, or on research projects.

List of Research Facilities

Autonomous Systems Lab
Location: 695A Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-5271

Center for Intelligent Propulsion
Phone: 513.556.3548

Combustion and Fire Research Laboratory (CFRL)
 Location: 5997 Center Hill Ave.
 Phone: 513-556-5743, 513-556-3361

High Temperature Erosion Lab
Location: 5997 Center Hill Ave.

Gas Dynamics and Propulsion Lab
Location: 300 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-3356

Gas Turbine Simulation Lab
Location: 5997 CenterHill
Phone: 513-556-3222

GRLab - Computation for Advancement and Sustainability

Morphing and Optimization Systems Technology for Aerospace Laboratory
Phone: 513-556-3523

Ultrasonic Imaging Laboratory
Location: 500, 500B Rhodes Hall

Nondestructive Evaluation Lab
Location: 442, 451, and 475 Engineering Research Center
Phone: 513-556-3683

Propulsion Systems and Aeroacoustics Simulation Lab
Location: 813 Engineering Research Center
Phone: 513-556-6498

Spray Diagnostics Lab
Location: 439 and 487 Engineering Research Center
Phone: 513-556-3547