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Grant Schaffner

Grant Schaffner

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
PhD, 2000: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School

Contact Information
Office: 724 Rhodes Hall
Mailing address: P.O. Box 210070, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0070
Phone: (513) 556-3032
Fax: (513) 556-5038

Office Hours
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  • Human Musculoskeletal Adaptation to Weightlessness
  • Spaceflight Physiological Countermeasure Effectiveness
  • Space Suit Simulator
  • Teleoperated Robotic Surgery in Remote Environments
  • Spaceflight Medical Device Development
  • Blast Survivability

Selected Publications

  • Amonette WE, Bentley JR, Loehr, JA, Lee SMC, Norcross J, Schaffner G, Moore F, Schneider SM, “Evaluation of the Horizontal Exercise Fixture in Conjunction with the Interim Resistive Exercise Device (iRED) for use in Bed Rest Research”, NASA Technical Publication, JSC-CN-18762, 2009.
  • Norcross J, Stroud LC; Schaffner G, Glass BJ, Lee PC, Jones JA, Gernhardt ML, “The Effects of Terrain and Navigation on Human Extravehicular Activity Walkback Performance on the Moon”, NASA Technical Publication, 20080014286, 2008.
  • Schaffner G and Bentley J, “Determining Exercise Strength Requirements for Astronaut Critical Mission Tasks: Reaching Under G-Load”, NASA Technical Publication, 20080012559, 2008.
  • Schaffner G, Kozlovskaya I, Hagan D, “Biomechanical Evaluation of Russian BD-1 Treadmill during Non-Motorized Treadmill Locomotion in a Weightless Environment (KC-135)”, NASA Technical Report, 20050217278, 2005.
  • Schaffner G, DeWitt J, Bentley J, Yarmanova E, Kozlovskaya I, Hagan D, “Effect of Load Levels of Subject Loading Device on Gait, Ground Reaction Force, and Kinematics during Human Treadmill Locomotion in a Weightless Environment,” NASA Technical Publication, NASA/TP-2005-213169, 2005.
  • Schaffner G, Guo XE, Silva MJ, and Gibson LJ, “Modelling Fatigue Damage Accumulation in Two-dimensional Voronoi Honeycombs,” Int J Mech Sci 42(2000):645-656, 2000.
  • Oden Z, Schaffner G, Beck T, Ruff C, Biegler E, Wang W, Newman D. Strength reductions in the femur following long-term space flight: a finite element simulation. J Bone Miner Res 15 (Suppl 1): S415, 2000.
  • Schaffner G, “Assessment of Hip Fracture Risk in Astronauts Exposed to Long-Term Weightlessness,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. Thesis, August 1999.
  • Schaffner G, Newman DJ, and Robinson SK, “Computational Simulation of Extravehicular Activity Dynamics During a Satellite Capture Attempt,” AIAA J Guid Contr Dynam 23(2):367-369, 1999.
  • Newman DJ and Schaffner G, “Computational Dynamic Analysis of Extravehicular Activity (EVA): Large Mass Handling,” AIAA J Spacecraft Rockets 35(2):225-227, 1998.