Professor Gutmark working on lasers

Lasers on larynx/jet engine research

Research Facilities

Laboratories occupy an integral part of the overall course structure. Laboratory experience includes experimental techniques applicable to areas of fluid dynamics, structures, controls, and propulsion. Digital computer techniques are introduced early in the program and are generously used in the courses. Students gain practical experience in the application of academic studies through cooperative work in aerospace and allied industry, in government laboratories, or on research projects. 

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University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI)

The University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) serving to connect UC experts to industry partners, facilitate commercialization of research and enhance cooperative and experiential learning experiences for UC students. UCRI is also being used to develop commercial centers, through which faculty will provide services to local, regional and national organizations.  University of Cincinnati Research Institute

UC Aerospace Engineering and GE collaborate with UCRI on cutting edge aviation research.


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