Class Advisors

All Aerospace undergraduates: Arnett Glassco *

Class of 2018: Dr. Peter Disimile

Class of 2019: Dr. Catharine McGhan

Class of 2020: Dr. Prashant Khare

Class of 2021: Dr. Rajnikant Sharma

Class of 2022: Dr. Mark Turner

ACCEND Dr. Mark Turner

Professional Practice: James Tappel

Aerospace Engineering undergraduates should meet with their advisor at least once per year to check on their progress relative to the course requirements, and to make any updates that are needed on their IAP (Individual Advising Plan).

*Note: Arnett Glassco handles all IAP changes for Aerospace students.

Aerospace Engineering Seniors MUST meet with their class advisor to get approval of their Technical Elective selections (and any modification to previously approved selections) and to prepare for graduation. Students are strongly encouraged to check their Degree Audit online before meeting with the advisor with questions regarding academic progress. (Degree Audit is an option that is accessible via UC's One Stop page).