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Biomedical Engineering

A career in biomedical engineering provides:

  • Endless opportunities
  • Considerable personal satisfaction
  • Impact on world health

► Biomedical Engineering Faculty News

BME Takes Three CEAS Faculty Awards

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences recently announced their awards for the 2015-2016 school year and this list included seven awards for the BCEE faculty.  Dr. David Wendell was awarded the CEAS Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award Young Faculty. Dr. Daria Narmoneva (BME), Dr. Jason Shearn (BME) and Dr. Margaret Kupferle (ENVE) won the Master Education Award and the Distinguished Researcher Award was given to Dr. Dion Dionysiou (ENVE), Dr.Jing-Huei Lee (BME) and Dr. Peter Smirniotis (ChE).  

► Biomedical Engineering Student News

BME Student Matthew Davenport awarded a travel to the 2016 International Behavioral Neuroscience Annual Meeting

Matthew Davenport, a fourth year undergraduate student in the BME program, was awarded a travel to the 2016 International Behavioral Neuroscience Annual Meeting, to be held at the Kempinski Hotel, Budapest, Hungary, June 7 - 12, 2016.  His application included an abstract for the meeting with him as the first author, which was based on research he is doing on co-op at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and a one page personal statement describing his goals in behavioral neuroscience and how attending the IBNS meeting will enrich his training.  Matt was one of 92 applicants from 11 different countries including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduates. There were 18 awards given and he was one of only 2 undergraduates to win.