Biomedical Engineering

A career in biomedical engineering provides:

  • Endless opportunities
  • Considerable personal satisfaction
  • Impact on world health

► Biomedical Engineering Faculty News

Dr. Zachman joins Biomedical Engineering as a Visiting Assistant Professor

Angela Zachman, PhD, is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Biomedical Engineering Program. She received her Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, with a research interest in peptide-functionalized polymers regulating angiogenesis and inflammation in peripheral artery disease. Prior to coming to UC, Dr. Zachman served as the Bioengineering Undergraduate Program Director at Syracuse University, where she also developed and taught several undergraduate bioengineering courses.

► Biomedical Engineering Student News

BME Student Michael Arnold awarded CEAS Engineer of the Month for Feb 2016

Michael Arnold graduated from the biomedical engineering program this past April and in August of this same year, he entered the class of medical students at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine. Michael brings a solid foundation in engineering as he pursues his goal to become a medical doctor. He had two successful co-op experiences during his tenure with the BME program, one with Children’s Hospital in which he investigated the effects of blood transfusions on adolescent stroke occurrences and one with Assurex Health in which he studied genetic markers as predictors of medication reception. In February of this year, he was awarded the CEAS Engineer of the Month. Best of luck in medical school, Michael!

BME Student Austin Wanek recipient of Robert W. Young Undergraduate Award

Austin Wanek, an undergraduate student in the Biomedical Engineering Program, was the recipient of a Robert W. Young Undergraduate Award by the Acoustical Society of America. This award is made possible by a gift to the Acoustical Society Foundation by the family of the late Robert W. Young in his honor and is used to fund undergraduate student research awards. Austin works in the Biomedical Ultrasound and Cavitation Laboratory under Professor Kevin Haworth.