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Chemical Engineering

A career in chemical engineering provides:

  • Endless opportunities
  • Considerable personal satisfaction
  • Environmental impact
Che UG Lab

Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory Update

During the last academic year, a total of $90,000 has been pledged to upgrade the capability of the Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratory.  These pledges have come primarily from private donations by alumni but also from industrial sources.  The Chemical Engineering Laboratory (CHE 4037) is a required 3 credit hour course in the Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Curriculum currently taught in Rhodes 602.  This course represents the only opportunity for students in the program to obtain guided first-hand experience on the generation of fundamental system and material parameters essential to the analysis of practical problems encountered by practicing Chemical Engineers.  The course encompasses concepts in the three foundational topics of Chemical Engineering:  Thermodynamics, Transport Pheonomena (Heat and Mass Transfer), and Reaction Engineering.  Funds will be used to both replace older experimental modules and to provide automated data collection and analysis capability to existing experiments so as to mirror current developments in industry.  Additional donations are actively being sought to complete our planned upgrade of the entire laboratory to provide a state-of-the art hands-on experience for our students.  Dr. Anastasios Angelopoulos, Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Program, and the Development Office of the College of Engineering have been working closely together to bring attention to this need both to our alumni and industrial partners.


► Chemical Engineering Faculty News

1.  BCEE Takes Seven CEAS Faculty Awards

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences recently announced their awards for the 2015-2016 school year and this list included seven awards for the BCEE faculty.  Dr. David Wendell was awarded the CEAS Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award Young Faculty. Dr. Daria Narmoneva (BME), Dr. Jason Shearn (BME) and Dr. Margaret Kupferle (ENVE) won the Master Education Award and the Distinguished Researcher Award was given to Dr. Dion Dionysiou (ENVE), Dr.Jing-Huei Lee (BME) and Dr. Peter Smirniotis (ChE).  

2.  University Fellow Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Dion Dionysious (ENVE) and Dr. Chai-Chi Ho (ChE) as they were both elected as Fellows of the Graduate School.  Dr. Ho was also elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Teaching and Learning. Congratulations!

► Chemical Engineering Student News

1.  ChE undergraduate student presented his project in AIChe Midwest Regional Conference

ChE undergraduate David Siebold, studying under the direction of Dr. Vesco Shanov, successfully presented his project entitled, 'Detecting Heavy Metals in Water using Carbon Nanotube Threads’ at the AIChE Midwest Regional Conference held at the Illinois Institute of Technology on Friday March 4, 2016. Carbon nanotube (CNT) threads inherit the advantages of CNTs, while avoiding the potential toxicity caused by individual CNTs. For his project, electrodes based on CNT threads were fabricated and used for simultaneous detection of trace levels of heavy metal ions by anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV). The operational parameters such as deposition potential and deposition time were optimized in 0.1 M acetate buffer solution (pH = 4.5). The CNT thread electrode gave well-defined, reproducible and sharp stripping signals for individual and simultaneous detection of heavy metals ions and the detection limits were far below the requirement of WHO in water.

2.  ChE undergraduate student returns from two co-op rotation

Co-op opportunities though the University of Cincinnati remain strong and students from all three programs take advantage of these great experiential learning opportunities. ChE undergraduate, Nathalia Backelauw, recently returned from a two co-op rotation in Brussels, Belgium where she worked on hydrogen storage tanks for fuel-cell vehicles for Toyota Motor Europe. She worked with people from 65 nationalities and presented the results of her project to interested parties at Toyota Motor Europe headquarters as well as Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. She expects to graduate in April, 2016.

3.  ChE Graduate Student selected to receive Graduate School Dean's Fellowship

Congratulations to Chemical Engineering Ph.D. student Siva Inturi Reddy who was selected to receive a Graduate School Dean’s Fellowship for the 2016-17 academic year. He was selected by a committee of distinguished graduate faculty among a large and highly competitive pool of nominations from across the university. The award includes a $20,000 stipend, disbursed $10,000 per semester. Siva is co-advised by Dr. Peter Smirniotis of the Chemical Engineering Program and Dr. Makram Suidan of the Environmental Engineering Program and he works on aerosol-made photocatalysts. Congratulations!