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The needs of a burgeoning global population produce considerable, interconnected challenges related to energy, the environment, and economic development.  With ever increasing demands on finite resources, engineering solutions must be mindful of environmental stewardship by providing clean water, air and energy technologies while meeting social needs.  The UC Environmental Engineering and Science faculty recognize that natural and engineered ecosystems are inexorably linked, and as a result, our work is focused on providing solutions in Air Quality, Water Quality, and Hyrdosystems research.  Located in the heart of Cincinnati, UC Environmental Engineering faculty have a respected history of exploring how these solutions apply in an urban environment.  The last decade witnessed a sea change: more people now living in metropolitan environments than in rural areas for the first time; this serves to underscore the importance of the EES Center for Sustaining the Urban Environment (SUE) mission in the future.


Dr. Boccelli
Dominic Boccelli, PhD

Associcate Professor

Dr. Keener
Tim Keener, PhD


Dr. Lu
Mingming Lu, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Wendell
David Wendell, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Campo-Moreno
Pablo Campo-Moreno, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Buchberger
Steven Buchberger, PhD


Dr. Kukreti
Anant Kukreti, PhD


Dr. Sorial
George Sorial, PhD


Dr. Yeghiazarian
Lilit Yeghiazarian, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. McAvoy
Drew McAvoy, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Dionysiou
Dionysios Dionysiou, PhD


Dr. Kupferle
Margaret Kupferle, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Uber
James Uber, PhD


Dr. Suidan

Makram Suidan, PhD

Professor Emeritus