Labs and Facilities


Large Scale Testing Facility (LSTF) - Structures - The LSTF is a structural research facility dedicated to testing large scale structural members (columns, beams and structural joints).


High Bay Structural Lab - Structures - The high bay lab is used for structures instruction and research.

Soils Lab - Geotechnical - The soils lab is utililized for undergraduate instruction in geotechnical engineering. The lab is used for the following class, CVE 3002C.

Construction Materials Lab - Geotechnical/Structures/Pavements - The construction materials lab is dedicated to educating students about materials used in construction and analyzing their properties.




Professor Lab Groups

Heng Wei - Transportation - ART-Engines Lab - The ART-Engines lab focuses on transportation research assessing operations and planning impacts on the environment.

Jonathan Corey - Transportation - DOVETAIL - The Data-based Optimization, Visualization, and Evaluation of Transportation through Analysis and Integration Lab focuses on big data, traffic signal control and sensor research related to transportation.

Bahram Shahrooz - Structures - LSTF - The UC Large Scale Testing Facility is one of the premier structural research facilities in the nation. The UC LSTF mission is to structurally test full size girders, beams and assemblies.

G. A. Rassati and James Swanson - Structures - Bolts and Connections Lab - The Bolts and Connections Lab tests structural steel bolts and connection methods.