Richard A. Miller

Richard Miller

Richard A. Miller

Ph.D., P.E 1989
Northwestern University
Civil Engineering

Contact Information

765 Baldwin Hall, 2850 Campus Way
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0071

Phone: (513)-556-3744
Fax: (513)-556-2599


Areas of Interest

Dr. Miller's main research focus is  Prestressed concrete structures, bridges, relationship between material damage and structural performance; fracture mechanics of concrete, nondestructive testing of concrete, early age mechanical properties of concrete and concrete structures; performance of civil engineering materials.


  • Shahrooz, B., Saraf, V., Godbole, V. and Miller, R., "Response of Slab Bridges Before, During and After Repair," ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 7, No. 5, Sept./Oct. 2002.
  • Hastak, M, Mirmiran, A., Miller, R., Shah, R., and Castrodale, R., "State of the Practice for Positive Moment Connections in Prestressed Concrete Girders Made Continuous", ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol 8, No. 5, Sept/Oct. 2003, pp. 267-272
  • DeLatte, N., Chen, S., Maini, N., Parker, N., Agrawal, A., Mylonakis, G., Subramaniam, K., Kawaguchi, A., Bosela, P., McNeil, S. and Miller, R., "Application of Nondestructive Evaluation to Subway Tunnel Systems" Transportation Research Record No. 1845, October 2003, pp. 127-138.
  • Eder, E., Miller, R., Baseheart, M. and Swanson, J., "Testing of 50-year-old Prestressed Concrete Bridge Beams,  PCI Journal, Vol 50, No. 3, May-June 2005, pp. 90-95.
  • Dimmerling, A., Miller, R., Castrodale, R., Mirmiran, A., Hastak, M and Baseheart, T. M., "Connections Between Simply Supported Concrete Beams Made Continuous - Results of NCHRP 12-53", Trans. Res. Record, 1928, December 2005, pp. 126-133.
  • Salem, O, Basu, B., Miller, R., Randall, J., Swanson, J. and Engel, R., Accelerating the Construction of a Highway Bridge in Ohio, Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, ASCE, Vol. 11, No. 2, May 2006, pp. 98-104.

Research Projects and Grants

  • Track 2 NSF GK-12 Fellows Project  STEP  (Science and Technology Enhancement Program): Building STEMcinnati City, Anant Kukreti PI, Co-PIs: R. Miller, D. Oerther, K. Davis, T. Fowler, S. Soled, funded by NSF, $1,898,307, July 2006- June 2011.
  • Connection Between Simple Span Precast Concrete Girders Made Continuous, R. Miller, R. Castrodale,  A. Mirmiran, M. Hastak, NCHRP/NRC, $300,000,May 1999 - August 2003.
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Strategic Initiative 9 Pilot Bridge Concepts, ODOT, R. Miller and J. Swanson, $230,000,  October 2002-October 2005
  • Testing of Prestressed Concrete Girders and Field Testing and Analysis of Composite Deck Panels,  Hamilton County Engineer,  R. Miller, M. Baseheart, and J. Swanson, $101,000, October 2001 - September, 2003
  • Larger  Sized  Coarse  Aggregate in  Portland  Cement  Concrete  Pavement and  Structures, ODOT, A. Ioannides, R. Miller, $150,000, April 2002 - Feb. 2005
  • Compilation and Evaluation of Results From HPC Bridge Projects, FHWASubcontract from PI Henry Russell, Inc., $30,688 (UC Part)($550,836 - total), Nov. 1999 - Nov. 2002.