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School of Advanced Structures


The departmentl offers specialized graduate programs in all areas of Civil Engineering; these programs stress research and independent study in addition to course work, and lead to the master of science (M.S.) or doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in civil engineering.

The Civil Engineering includes graduate programs in Infrastructure Design (with focus areas in Geotechnical, Structures, and Materials) and Infrastructure Systems (with focus areas in Construction and Transportation).  Each focus area offers its own course of study leading to either the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering. 

Each focus area has a specific set of required specialty courses plus elective courses.  These requirements are described below for the M.S. degree programs in Infrastructure Design and Infrastructure Systems; they should be viewed as minimum subject requirements for the Ph.D. degree, though the Ph.D. program is developed individually to suit the needs of each student, depending on his or her background and previous education.  Each student will consult with his or her advisor to design a program of study that meets all program requirements, and provides sufficient depth in his or her area of interest.

M.S. or Ph.D. Core Program

Infrastructure Design and Infrastructure Systems programs within the Civil Engineering Division have unique specialty course requirements.  However, each program shares a common set of core courses.

M.S. or Ph.D. Specialty Area Programs

Each graduate student selects elective courses from one of the following civil engineering focal areas.

Infrastructure Design & Materials
Infrastructure Systems and Management