Chemical Engineering

A career in chemical engineering provides:

  • Endless opportunities
  • Considerable personal satisfaction
  • Environmental impact

► Chemical Engineering Faculty News

1.  ChEE Faculty Take Six College Awards in Spring 2017

Every year, the College of Engineering and Applied Science honors exceptional faculty and staff members with college awards and each of these recipients has demonstrated the legacy of excellence, scholarship and innovation that defines the college.  This year, Dr. Peter Smirniotis was given the CEAS Research Award for his exceptional work in the area of catalysis.  This highly competitive award is given to only one professor each year who has demonstrated outstanding research as part of the college. A second award, the Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award, is also given to only one CEAS faculty member. The winner of this special honor is selected by a faculty committee and is based on the quality of an individual’s teaching.  Their choice this year was Dr. Stephen Thiel, one of our most dedicated and loved professors in our chemical engineering program.  Six CEAS faculty were presented with the CEAS Distinguished Research Award for their outstanding contributions to their field and two of these awardees are faculty in our department.  Dr. Vesselin Shanov is a professor in the chemical engineering program and a world-renowned expert in the field of nanotechnology.   


► Chemical Engineering Student News

1.  Undergraduate ChE student William Hobart received the 2016-2017 Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award

This distinguished award is presented to only one AIChE student member in each student chapter who has attained the highest scholastic grade-point average during his/her freshman and sophomore years

2. The UC ALChE chapter was able to take 27 students to the North Central Regional Conference in Chicago, Illinois

UC’s ChemE Jeopardy team (Adam Kluessner, Sam Kratt, Macen Cancino, and Chris Stone) placed 2nd overall in the event. ChemE jeopardy is similar to the show Jeopardy, but with questions that are focused on chemical engineering. In a second competition, ChemE car, schools compete to create a car that starts and stops on chemical reactions and can travel a specified distance carrying a set payload. The distance and payload are unknown until a few hours before the competition, and scores are based on the distance from the target line.  The UC ChemE car team (Brian Pennington, Justin Cathers, Daniel Meyer, Zane Everitt, Christopher Stone, Sean Southwood, Pablo Rosales, Sook Kuan Goh, Macen Cancino, Madelyn Bollinger, and Bryan Keller) placed 4th overall and received an invitation to the 2017 Annual Conference where they will compete against teams from all over the world. 

3. Chemical engineering student Jacob Kasik received the 2016-2017 Freshman Recognition Award

This distinguished and well deserved award is presented to only one AIChE student member in each student chapter who has been the most active in their student chapter during his/her freshman year

4. Each year, Donald F. & Mildred Topp Othmer Scholarship Awards 15 AlChE student members a scholarship of $1,000

Awards are presented to chemical engineering students for their outstanding academic achievement and involvement in student chapter activities.  ChE student Samuel Locke won one of this year’s prestigious awards.  Samuel is the president of UC’s student chapter of AIChE and plans to graduate in the spring.