The College of Engineering and Applied Science plans to construct an Alumni Engineering Learning Center on the eighth floor of Rhodes Hall. The Learning Center will provide an academic home for the Department of Engineering Education and for first year students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science who typically take required courses outside the College and, as a result, are frequently not engaged in the day-to-day operations of the College. The new Learning Center will enable beginning engineering students to develop a sense of belonging to the College; this is especially important for students who live off campus. When completed, the Learning Center will accommodate 175 students and feature state-of-the-art wired classrooms, open study areas, mobile tables and chairs that can be arranged in various configurations, white boards, and an inviting cafe area as well as faculty offices. A central kiosk will be responsible for coordinating usage of the facilities within the Center.

Click on the images below to view an artist's renditions of what the Learning Center may look like when completed.

Secured Coffee-Cafe

Office and Typical Workgroup

Mainstreet Corridor

Workstation and Offices

8th Floor Plan

8th Floor Plan

*Note: The images above are artist renditions of what the Learning Center may look like when completed.

Click on the image below to see a promotional video with a virtual walk through the entrance to the proposed Alumni Engineering Learning Center

engineering learning center video link

*Note: The video file is about 21 MB and will take a few minutes to download. The file should automatically start to play through the browser or in a media player.