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FEP and EASE Students

Department of Engineering Education provides assistance to students who are undecided or need one or two terms to meet the requirements of their program choice through our ENED courses.

Students are also provided with numerous free resources outside of the classroom to assist them with their educational goal such as the Tutoring Center (located in 801M Rhodes Hall) and, just to name a couple.  We are pleased that so many of our students have taken advantage of these opportunities and have become successful. Here are a few that have shared their program success with us.

Tyler Munroe

Tyler Munroe, Civil Engineering, Class of 2015


Tyler started his college career in the Freshman Engineering Program (FEP) and was accepted into Civil Engineering.   One of the coolest Co-op jobs he has had was working for The Walsh Group in Pittsburgh, PA.  While there, he reviewed architectural drawings and specifications to develop bid packages, including scope of work tabs, performed project cost take-offs, and consulted with sub-contractors regarding several projects along the east coast. His main project involved working on a 315 million dollar prison project called SCI Phoenix.  With the prison's 4,000 beds and maximum security system, his co-op experience was instrumental since it will help provide housing for those who have committed crimes.  The old state correctional facility is known as SCI Graterford, and was built in 1929.  The new SCI Phoenix prison is being designed and will be built following Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification standards.  LEED Certification verifies that a new building, home, or community was designed and built using techniques and strategies to achieve the highest standards of human and environmental health, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. When Tyler returns with the Walsh Group, he will be working on the job site.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2015


Andrew Fisher entered The College of Engineering and Applied Science as an EASE (Engineering and Applied Science Entrance) student and transitioned into electrical engineering. In the beginning, he knew that he wanted to be an engineer, but wasn’t sure if electrical engineering was what he wanted. The EASE program allowed him more time to decide on an engineering program.  As a senior in high school, he found this decision difficult, and his ACT score was low. He knew that this program would allow him to explore   what type of engineering he wanted as well as focusing on the basic engineering classes, such as physics, calculus, and other general education classes. In this class, tutors would help him, ask him questions on the material, and administer quizzes. He believes that the class was the reason that he has had such success, without it, he would have struggled with the material.

Electrical Engineering has already surpassed his expectations. In the first year and a half alone, he has worked with electrical components, learned one of the most dominant computer languages, and is familiar with basic components of electrical circuits. Andrew is currently employed by Makino, a Japanese CNC manufacturer. His job is to take a standard Makino machine, and outfit it with custom parts that a specific company has asked for. So far, he has become familiar with AutoCAD, and developed custom circuits on CNC machines. The biggest project he has been involved with is at a facility named Eagle Manufacturing in Florence, Kentucky. He was involved with the set-up of Makino’s machines and ABB robot arms. These components came together to make a line of machines that would take engine block castings, and machine them to company specifications. The picture provided is Makino’s more specialized machines, a T4 type single spindle machine that is typically used in aerospace type applications. This machine is designed specifically for titanium applications.

Andrew Fisher is employed by School of Engineering Education as a tutor for ENED116, 117, 118 as well as a tutor for the Learning Center.

Sierra Crum

Sierra Crum, Construction Management, Class of 2015


Sierra Crum is a second year Construction Management major. She started her career at UC in EASE (Engineering and Applied Science Entrance), not really knowing what kind of engineering degree she would like to pursue. After some research, talking to some experienced students, and discussing her options with her advisor, she came to the conclusion that becoming a Construction Management major was the best option that fit her life goals, her personality, and her interests in school. Two years into it, she has no regrets and knows she made the right decision for her future. She loves the environment of her major, enjoys the material she is taught in her classes, and gets along very well with her classmates.

Sierra has enjoyed co-oping in downtown Cincinnati with Jones Lang Lasalle on the Procter and Gamble account. Jones Lang Lasalle is a global real estate services firm specializing in commercial property management, leasing, and investment management. They work with companies such as US Bank, Microsoft, and Procter and Gamble. Sierra has been a part of the renovation for the plaza outside of the Procter and Gamble towers. The plaza needed to have its waterproofing system updated in order to prevent leaking, so a lot of work and renovation has taken place in order to fulfill these needs. She was also given the authority to manage her own projects, such as, renovating an office, installing a door, and controlling a GFCI survey.