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Engineer of the Month for May.

By: Desiré Bennett

Amy Reilly is the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Engineer of the Month for May.  Amy maintained a 3.52 GPA in her senior year in the School of Electronic and Computing Systems.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in the Electrical Engineering Technology program.

Amy with Dean Teik Lim

Amy with Dean Teik Lim

Amy decided to major in electrical engineering technology because she liked the hands-on approach to engineering. “I really love electronics and what electronics can do,” she said. “Just seeing and also understanding how everything works, like computers, is really neat.”

But it was the diverse program selection that led her to the University of Cincinnati. “The co-op program was really a huge part of why I decided to come to UC.”

Amy’s first co-op rotation was with Libra Industries, an electronic manufacturing company. “They do the assembly of circuit boards and while I was there I helped to organize their training program for the people who worked on the circuit boards,” she explains.  “I also helped to rewrite procedures so that they were clearer on how to do steps in the assembly process.”

Amy, hard at work.

Amy, hard at work.

Amy’s most recent co-op experience was with Signalysis, a computer software company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. “The software is used to analyze vibration waves. They do a lot of sound vibration monitoring through quality control systems,” she explains. “During my co-op work, I mostly did a lot of electrical drawings and some wiring of our systems and I also designed small products.”

One of these products was for Whirlpool.  “It was for their big washers and dryers and refrigerators, and they needed something to monitor the amount of current that was being pulled by the device,” she said. “And so I built this little box that you could just plug into the refrigerator and plug it into a wall and then you could monitor the current going into the refrigerator.”

Amy is pleased with the opportunities that have resulted from her co-op work and she believes that her co-op experiences have had a positive influence on her ability to stay prepared. “It is so important to stay organized in your work,” she said.

All smiles.

All smiles.

“Time management is huge because you can’t just sit down and work on something and finish a project in a day—you have to break it up and manage which project is more important and ask yourself ‘which one should I spend more time on today?’”

Even though Amy’s co-op assignments are now complete, she continues to work part-time with Signalysis. For this, she is happy. “They never run out of work for me to do.”

In addition to staying on top of her studies, Amy is a member of the leadership organization Sigma Alpha Pi (SAP). She serves as their secretary and is enthusiastic about SAP’s future possibilities. “It’s a rebuilding year for the group so I’ve been trying to come up with ways to attract interest to get people to participate in our events.”

Amy also plays in a recreational soccer league once a week.  “I love that it reinforces teamwork and staying in shape – and it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

When asked to give advice on how to maintain a healthy school and life balance she says “If I’m really stressed out, exercise is the best. I’ll go for a run and that definitely helps relieve stress, but also don’t procrastinate and work hard. Four years will be over before you know it and I’m sure it’ll pay off with what you’ll be doing after graduation – just don’t give up.”

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