Catalyst- Course Number Changes

Sent on behalf of Dean Arthur:

CEAS Faculty and Staff,

As you may know UC is switching from Universis to a system called Catalyst.  One of the limitations of the new system is that it will not allow dual level courses.  Therefore we are changing the way we number classes.  Beginning in fall 2016:

  • All 50XX courses, and below,  will be undergraduate only
  • All 51XX courses will be the undergraduate section of what used to be a dual level course
  • All 60XX courses will be the graduate section of what used to be a dual level course
  • All 51XX courses will have an associated 60XX graduate level course, taught in the same room at the same times.  Both will be ordered together each semester.
  • All 70XX courses, and above,  will be graduate only

Timing of this transition is critical.  All existing 60XX courses will soon have a 51XX version automatically cloned from the 60XX course.  Those new 51XX courses will appear soon in eCurriculum.  You don’t need to do anything to have these 51XX courses created from existing 60XX courses.

If you are creating new dual level courses (51XX) in eCurriculum in the future you MUST also create a 60XX version of the same course.

This new numbering system will begin 16FS so all approvals must be completely approved by February 1st, 2016.