CEAS Library: Research instruction, research guides, e-Textbooks

Faculty & staff, a few updates from the library as you prepare for Fall Semester:


Library Research Instruction:

Librarians Ted Baldwin & Jim Clasper are happy to provide instruction and research guides that raise your students’ awareness of information resources and research skills.  We typically provide library instruction sessions for introductory undergraduate courses, senior design clinics, graduate seminars, and specialized classes requiring intensive research.  If you coordinate these classes, please contact us: Ted Baldwin, Ted.Baldwin@uc.edu and Jim Clasper, Jim.Clasper@uc.edu.

In general, a librarian should assist with those classes in which students need to locate and use research literature (articles, conference papers, books, patents, standards, etc).  We can also instruct on more targeted topics, such as RefWorks (citation management), physical property & data searching, chemical structure searching, assessing research impact (citation metrics, journal rankings, etc).

Research Data Management Instruction:

Amy Koshoffer, our new Science and Engineering Informationist, is available to instruct and consult with classes and lab groups on ways to effectively manage research data and other research output.  Please contact her at Amy.Koshoffer@uc.edu or 556-1310.  This fall, Amy is teaching workshops on data management, and these are open to all UC faculty, staff, and students.  Dates and registration information at http://guides.libraries.uc.edu/ceasworkshopsfall2014.

Promote CEAS Library Research Guides:  

Even if you do not need library instruction for your course, please share the related library subject guide with your students: see http://www.libraries.uc.edu/ceas/resources/reference-guides.html.  These guides point to useful handbooks, databases, journals, standards and technical information sources. 


The CEAS Library has a list of reserve texts (including textbooks) that are available to the entire campus through e-book purchases: http://guides.libraries.uc.edu/reservebooksonlineceas.  The library can help you identify if your course text or a similar alternate text is available as a campus-wide e-book.  Not all e-books are available for libraries to purchase, but we can help you investigate options.  Please contact Jim Clasper with any questions or needs regarding reserve e-books: Jim.Clasper@uc.edu or 513-556-1452.


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