What is the ASSET Committee?

The Advancing Student Success in Engineering and Technology (ASSET) committee is a faculty created and led committee focused on improving the quality of education offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

The group originated out of a conversation between Jason Heikenfeld and Eugene Rutz in 2013 about what could be done to positively impact the education that students receive in CEAS. A small group of individuals started meeting to talk about this idea, which has grown into a well established group of faculty and staff representing all aspects of the college.

The ASSET committee is open to anyone interested in improving the quality of teaching within CEAS.


The ASSET Committee has identified three main goals to help direct the work of the committee:

  • What if... CEAS offered the best engineering education in Ohio, validated by real metrics and recognized across the state by students, employers, and legislators?
  • What if... CEAS moved beyond "spires of excellence" in education to a rising tide that elevates teaching in all of our classes by enacting pro-active and assessment-driven faculty development for all our educators?
  • What if... CEAS faculty and students educated non-engineering students to be technologically literate citizens by offering courses on the frontiers of technology, creating a working prototype, modern manufacturing, grand technology challenges, or technology ethics and policy?