Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award


Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award

  • Mark Fellows
    Adjunct Professor, Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
    College of Engineering & Applied Science


Through his nationally recognized expertise and dedication to the field of aerospace engineering, Mark Fellows, MS, MBA, has compiled an astonishing record of student success as an adjunct professor at UC. Fellows has coached five capstone groups, four of which received wins at the international SAE Aero Design competition.

Beyond the Capstone Aircraft Design and Integrated Aircraft Engineering courses, Fellows is noted as having exceptionally prepared undergraduate students with knowledge of aircraft performance.

“Mark Fellows is an outstanding adjunct with a strong personal commitment to our students and our program,” stated Paul Orkwis, PhD, his department head. Orkwis believes that in being a UC alumnus, Fellows is all the more committed to the mission of the program. “He is the epitome of student-centric teaching and is amazing in his devotion to the students of aerospace engineering.”

Fellows has collaborated with all of the major U.S. aircraft companies including Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. Prior to joining UC, he worked at the Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (AFB) in Dayton for 36 years. His AFB efforts led to the F-22 and F-35 – now frontline tactical fighters.

Thomas Black, colleague and visiting assistant professor, states that Fellows “is the example of an alum who made a major difference for the United States and has now returned to his alma mater to give back and prepare the next generation of aerospace leaders to follow in his footsteps.”