50-in-5 Faculty Members

The 50-in-5 Mission

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As part of our commitment to maintaining our academic and research excellence, the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science is currently in the third year of our “50-in-5” hiring initiative. Through this mission, we aim to hire at least 50 tenure track faculty members over five years—an initiative that former Provost Beverly Davenport coined “50 in 5.”

CEAS is proactively seeking the finest engineering educators and researchers with an emphasis on female and underrepresented minority candidates. Additionally, the college has begun formulating faculty and staff development plans that will have a very strong component in enhancing interdisciplinary research opportunities and inclusiveness within the college and across its university.

“As we have reached record enrollment in the college at 5,700+, this will significantly enhance our ability to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. It will also bolster our research capacity and substantially improve our national and global reputation,” states CEAS Interim Dean Paul Orkwis, PhD.
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Since the initiative's launch in 2014, 55 new faculty members have joined CEAS in our mission of excellence. Of these new faculty members, 35% are female and/or underrepresented minority. This speaks highly to the College's commitment to drive diversity, as we continue on our course in creating an inclusive, vibrant engineering community.

Currently, there are six more positions that are open and in the hiring process. 

Stay tuned as more distinguished researchers come aboard at CEAS and help us achieve our vision as we demonstrate time and time again that WE ENGINEER BETTER™.

For more information about the college's agressive plan to hire new faculty members and for a full listing of currently open faculty positions, please visit: http://ceas.uc.edu/faculty_staff/faculty_openings.html

For more information about our New Faculty, please visit:  http://ceas.uc.edu/about/new-faculty.html