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Chia-Ying (James) Lin | Dane A. and Mary Louise Miller Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Lin recently joined the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati with a unique experiential background. He will be leading the new Skeletal Tissue Evaluation and Engineering Laboratory (STEEL) in the UC Biomedical Engineering Program. Prior to joining UC CEAS, Dr. Lin concurrently held four faculty/administrative positions at the University of Michigan Medical School and College of Engineering. With his training in biomedical engineering and early career at a clinical department, he has developed his particular interest in translational research and become an engineer-scientist bridging two research realms at both the colleges of Medicine and Engineering.

His major research work in regenerative medicine utilizes image-aided design algorithms and computational biomechanics to create a three-dimensional structure for scaffolds that can retain native tissue properties even when they are made with compliant plastics. Moreover, the designed scaffolds can also serve as delivering vehicles for cells, proteins and other therapeutics. Such developed strategy has been applied pre-clinically in many types of tissue/organ repair/regeneration, including reconstruction in spine and jaw joints.

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