Global Technical Workforce

Global Technical students

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As firms become increasingly international and the workforce more diverse, students need to develop competencies to contribute to the global technical workforce.

This class develops students’ awareness and ability of cultural issues, communication, teamwork, and collaboration tools. In addition students will participate in a short term study abroad program visiting one of the University's strategic international partners.

On the visit students will interact with the host university and students, with local technology firms, as well as explore local culture.

The course meets breadth of knowledge requirements for:

  • DC – diversity and culture
  • SE – social / ethical issues

The course aligns with the “global theme” of UC Honors and it is approved for International / Education Abroad designation.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course students will:

  • Describe the implications of personality type preferences on their workplace effectiveness
  • List the steps needed to develop effective teams and the attributes needed to be an effective team member, including a global team
  • Describe and apply Hofstede's Dimensions of Values to particular cultures
  • Describe and demonstrate the skills needed to function on a virtual team
  • Describe the complexities of global work teams


Students in the course participate in a short-term, faculty-led study abroad. Locations vary. Follow the links to see what students say about the visits and their experiences.