Gaurav Mukherjee


Gaurav Mukherjee

Graduate Student - MS,
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences,
Univerisity of Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, Ohio

Brief Biography

Gaurav is a graduate student in the Master of Science program in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (2010) from the University of Pune, India. 

His research involves the development of quasi-actuated lower body exoskeletons to enable the elderly to sit and stand independently. He is also working on developing robust realtime control strategies for interaction of Human beings with robotic devices.

Gaurav's research interests encapsulate the development of dynamic systems & their controls using machine learning techniques, aimed toward more fluid interactions between humans and machines while also improving the quality of life for Human beings at risk of injury, through old age, or through exposure to extreme environments such as spaceflight.