Beau Parry


Beau Parry


Brief Biography

Beau Parry began his technical career programming Pascal projects in the 1990s. After graduating from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, with a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Game Theory, Beau worked as a managing partner at Towne Properties located in Cincinnati, Ohio, co-founded, and served as a Technical Advisor at Quansoo Capital Management through the 2000s. During that time, Beau researched different network access solutions as options for company security. A proponent of facial recognition technologies, Beau has worked tirelessly towards creating spoof-resistant facial recognition architecture. After years of research, Beau created the Brivas “variable secrets” system as a high-speed, lightweight, spoof-resistant access solution. Brivas’s technology now leads the pack in facial recognition technology solutions.

Face Recognition - Biometric key binding

BRIVAS' Mission is to combine biometric signatures in Human –Robot interface in an efficient and reliable way. Human identification/verification is used as a signature in biometric key binding. While we have achieved a significant progress in providing high security cryptographic algorithms, there is always a compromise. The passwords and smart cards can be lost or compromised. So, if we replace passwords with face recognition, the probability of knowing the difference between a genuine person and an impostor increases. We can even take it a step further by relating the decryption keys to the physiological and behavioral traits of a person like face, iris, finger-print, gait etc. At the encryption module, cryptographic keys are bound to a biometric signature, retrieved only when the biometric signature at test time matches the signature at training time. At this talk, we show 2-step verification process using mobile devices/desktop and Amazon cloud services. GrillCheck™ allows Facebook users to send private, covert images on their timeline behind a public image. Brivas algorithms secretly hides the private images so that only selected friends can open with the GrillCheck™ App. The application will only open the private image when qualified recipients successfully pass a facial recognition test, or bypass with pin code.