Sivapriya Kaza


Sivapriya Kaza

Lead Mobile Engineer






Brief Biography

Sivapriya Kaza graduated from University of Georgia, Georgia with MS in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. She has also received her B.Tech degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India.

Face Recognition - Biometric key binding

BRIVAS' Mission is to combine biometric signatures in Human –Robot interface in an efficient and reliable way. Human identification/verification is used as a signature in biometric key binding. While we have achieved a significant progress in providing high security cryptographic algorithms, there is always a compromise. The passwords and smart cards can be lost or compromised. So, if we replace passwords with face recognition, the probability of knowing the difference between a genuine person and an impostor increases. We can even take it a step further by relating the decryption keys to the physiological and behavioral traits of a person like face, iris, finger-print, gait etc. At the encryption module, cryptographic keys are bound to a biometric signature, retrieved only when the biometric signature at test time matches the signature at training time. At this talk, we show 2-step verification process using mobile
devices/desktop and Amazon cloud services. GrillCheckTM allows Facebook users to send private, covert images on their timeline behind a public image. Brivas algorithms secretly hides the private images so that only selected friends can open with the GrillCheckTM App. The application will only open the private image when qualified recipients successfully pass a facial recognition test, or bypass with pin code.