Three CEAS Professors Honored at 2013 faculty Awards

Jason Heikenfeld

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering College of Engineering & Applied Science

Dr. Jason Heikenfeld’s groundbreaking research and developments in the field of electrofluidics has garnered global acclaim. His zest for the multiple leadership roles he plays in supporting faculty and student endeavors at the University of Cincinnati is ever present and brightly shines through his teaching and research collaborations.

Heikenfeld is an internationally known expert and leader in display devices and electrowetting technology with his achievements reaching far beyond the realm of academia. His projects have corporate ties with U.S., European and Asian display companies, and he is the co-founder of his start-up venture, Gamma Dynamics.

Heikenfeld’s enthusiastic commitment to his field has led to an incredible record of funded research resulting in his ranking in the top five of UC faculty members for recent invention disclosures, patents filed and nondisclosure agreements with industry. The UC Novel Devices Laboratory has flourished under his direction, gaining substantial media attention for its innovation and breakthrough applications.

A colleague of Heikenfeld describes him as “…a rising leader in the field, whose impact will sustain and grow exponentially.” His exemplary contributions to science are influencing research and developments of e-devices and promises to continue for many years to come.

Gregory L. Sizemore

Adjunct Professor, Construction Management College of Engineering & Applied Science

As a UC faculty member for 18 years, Professor Gregory L. Sizemore, JD, has profoundly impacted the lives of hundreds of students. His enthusiasm, professional experience and commitment to education provide his students with invaluable knowledge, leadership experience and industry connectivity. He calls his teaching philosophy “engaged learning.” To him, that means taking academic information and turning it into useful knowledge and understanding in the context of the construction management profession. He also serves as a pre-law advisor for College of Engineering and Applied Science students who aspire to law school and, on a personal basis, has officiated at several student weddings.

Professor Sizemore developed and sponsored the Construction Management/Architectural Engineering Technology (CM/AET) Leadership Conference in 2006, bringing together engineering and construction students from around the region. Additionally, he founded and gave the lead gift for CM/AET Senior Class Scholarship Fund, a result of the “leaders as givers” segment of his Leadership Development class. That fund, which now totals over $32,000, is funded primarily by current students and recent alumni. He continues to work closely with CEAS and the UC Foundation to develop funds for scholarships that promote education in construction management and architectural engineering.

Sizemore continues to gain recognition for his outstanding contributions to UC’s goals of placing students at the center and achieving excellence in teaching effectiveness and student learning.

Andrew J. Steckl

Professor, Electrical Engineering College of Engineering & Applied Science

Dr. Andrew Steckl’s novel methodologies within the field of electrical engineering quickly gained international recognition early in his career. His early research focused on the growth and fabrication of high-power and high-frequency silicon carbide electronic devices.

Currently, Steckl serves as a passionate educator, researcher, advisor and collaborator, working on projects across several disciplines at UC. He’s a consistent trailblazer in three major areas of research: organic and biopolymeric (DNA) materials for photonic and electronic devices; electrofluidics to produce novel materials and devices (electrospinning of nanofibers, electrowetting transistors, biochips and displays); and rare-earth light-emitting elements that hold potential for use in devices such as flat-panel displays and lasers.

Steckl is the founder of the Center of Integrated Electronics, the UC Nanoelectronics Laboratory, and Extreme Photonix LLC, a company he started with his former student Jason Heikenfeld, PhD, who is now a colleague in the School of Electrical and Computing Engineering and an entrepreneur in his own right.

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