CEAS Freshmen “Drawn” to Success

By: Ashley Duvelius

1st prize winner Lindsey Werner with her new CEAS waterproof sweater, featuring the college’s new emblem.

1st prize winner Lindsey Werner with her new CEAS waterproof sweater, featuring the college’s new emblem.

The College of Engineering and Applied Science and its library co-sponsored a CEAS freshman prize drawing and quick survey of the college. The survey ran from November 19 to December 3, 2012. About 10% of the CEAS freshman class (79 of 774 students) entered the contest. 

The contest required freshmen to stop in the library, located on the 8th floor of Baldwin Hall, introduce himself/herself to a librarian or library staff person, and complete a drawing slip plus the quick survey. 

The intention of the prize drawing was to help first-year students learn more about the library and its value as a resource to their success.  The contest was held concurrent to the library’s outreach to first-year CEAS students in the “Foundations of Engineering” ENED 1020 Freshman Seminar.

Students were asked two questions: 1) What do you like most about the library? and 2) What one thing can we improve?  As expected, freshmen concerns related to study spaces/rooms, printing, hours, and availability of computers and textbooks.  Students also mentioned concerns about having enough dry erase markers for the many whiteboards in the library and for the writeable walls in the new CEAS Learning Center.  The most common response to what CEAS can improve was “Nothing”! 

A total of 13 students won fun prize packs of items donated by the college, including the “We Engineer Better” CEAS apparel.  The two Grand Prize winners received a cool CEAS waterproof sweater and a CEAS polo. Both the sweater and the polo shirt feature the college’s new “We Engineer Better™” emblem.

First prize winner and mechanical engineering freshman, Lindsey Werner, said, “The new CEAS Learning Center is a great asset to all CEAS students! In the library, the librarians and staff have so many interesting facts that they are more than happy to share. So far, my freshman year at CEAS has been refreshingly challenging. My favorite class has been my Calculus I class that I took this past semester. My most challenging class was Engineering Models. I plan to remain in the CEAS mechanical engineering program through graduation and I'm sure I'll be using the valuable resources of the CEAS library frequently for help along the way!”

The following students also won the drawing and fun prizes:

Place Name CEAS Major Prize
2nd Chris Roush Mechanical Engineering CEAS Polo with CEAS emblem
3rd Karina Cheek Mechanical Engineering CEAS Drawstring bag with water bottle
4th Christopher Douglas

Freshman Engineering Program

CEAS Drawstring bag with water bottle
5th Robert Settles Civil Engineering CEAS Backpack with gear
6th Jeff Schomaker Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)
CEAS Backpack with gear
7th Ray Frank MET CEAS Backpack with gear


Kelsey Gibboney

Mechanical Engineering Green CEAS T-Shirt


Danielle Lults

Mechanical Engineering Green CEAS T-Shirt


Sarah Hartman

Chemical Engineering

Gray CEAS T-shirt


Alexander Davis

Computer Science

Gray CEAS T-shirt


Brenna Robinson

Biomedical Engineering

CEAS Backpack with gear


Nick Redilla

Biomedical Engineering

CEAS Backpack with gear

Thanks to all of those who participated in the survey and illustrated how CEAS successfully engineers better!

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