OH Senators Impressed by Visit to UC’s Center Hill

By: Ashley Duvelius
Video Photos Complements of The Senate Report at OhioSenate.gov (John McClelland)

Several members of the Oho Senate had an eye opening visit to UC’s Concrete & Structural Testing Center at Center Hill on September 16, 2013.

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber and Senators Larry Obhof, Joe Uecker, and Chris Widener visited the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Engineering and Applied Science’s Concrete & Structural Testing Center at Center Hill on September 16, 2013.

From the air down to the ground, Ohio’s central location makes our state critical to the nation’s transportation industry as well as major elements of the country's infrastructure. The Senators were most impressed by UC’s advancements in civil infrastructure—namely, construction cores. 

UC is paving the way with extraordinary advancements in civil engineering, developing novel materials to make buildings, roads and bridges alike stronger and safer. “In fact, some of the concepts developed by UC were used in the construction of the new Freedom Towers in New York to make them more flexible, stronger and less likely to be destroyed,” adds Senator Chris Widener.

Air travel has always played a key role in Ohio manufacturing as it is the birthplace of aviation—and UC and GE Aviation partner to continue to lead at the forefront of aviation technology. “The facilities here at Center Hill enable UC researchers and students to really dig into some tough problems and solve these issues to further our design development, allowing us to get them into product,” says Michael Foust, Section Manager of Combustion Aero Engineering for GE Aviation.

For more information about the Senators’ visit to UC’s Center Hill, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbA4COyR0Y4

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