UC Alum Inciting Change around the World

By: Desiré Bennett

CEAS Biomedical Engineering alumnus and Cincinnati native, Casey Reed, is biking across America to raise money and educate the public about global health issues.

CEAS Biomedical Engineering graduate, Casey Reed.

CEAS Biomedical Engineering graduate, Casey Reed.

From March 25 to May 11, 2014,  Casey Reed, a 4th year medical student, will ride his bicycle along with 20 other medical students to promote global health. The group is riding as a part of Ride for World Health.

Ride for World Health (R4WH) is a cycling team based out of Columbus, Ohio that will complete a 3,200-mile ride from San Diego to Washington D.C.

The team is comprised of Ohio State and other university medical students who share a passion for transforming health care both internationally and domestically.

Reed is the CEO of Ride for World Health and hopes to alone raise $1,700 for the national organization’s beneficiaries: Empower and Advance, HEAL Africa, and PODEMOS. “This year we are fortunate to have some terrific beneficiaries that are doing outstanding work around the globe and I am very excited to be riding for them,” Reed said. “The leadership spent a significant amount of time researching potential organizations and I really feel these organizations are doing excellent work in the field of global health.”

Reed hopes this endeavor will foster personal growth and leadership. “A lot goes into making an event like this possible, and being on the leadership team is improving my leadership skills and a ride of this style will certainly foster teamwork,” Reed said. “I’m hoping after finishing a 6-week, 3,200-mile bike ride that day-to-day tasks will be put into perspective. I’m sure there are going to be many difficult and long days in my future, and I’ll be able to think to myself, ‘if I rode my bike across the country, I can do this.’”

Reed, who is currently an Ohio State medical student focusing on radiology, grew up in Cincinnati and studied biomedical engineering while attending UC.

“Cincinnati will always be my home,” Reed said. “It is always a great feeling turning on to the street I grew up on and seeing how much has changed since I’ve been gone, but also how much has stayed the same. The west side of Cincinnati has a reputation of people never wanting to move away. Often people seem to think this is a negative thing, but I think it shows what strong bonds the people from here have to our families and our community.”

If you would like to donate to Casey’s ride, you can do so at donate.r4wh.org.

About Ride for World Health

Ride for World Health is a cycling team and 501(c)3 organization based out of Columbus, OH that is centered around a 3,200-mile ride, traversing the country from San Diego to Washington D.C. We are comprised of people from across the country who share similar passions about the need for change in both international and domestic health care. Since its founding in 2006, R4WH has been dedicated to creating a dialogue on the state of healthcare in communities across the world. By bringing together activists from across the country, we hope to inspire other medical professionals, volunteers, and communities-at-large to stand up as a unified voice for the millions who suffer at home and abroad.

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