UC-P&G Collaborative Celebrates Ribbon-Cutting in UC’s New Innovation Hub

By:     Ashley Duvelius
Date:  October 3, 2017

The UC Simulation Center relocates to the University of Cincinnati’s new incubator center, the 1819 Innovation Hub, making it the first industry-university collaborative to open its doors in the innovation space. 

Photo/Joe Fuqua II, UC Creative Services

Photo/Joe Fuqua II, UC Creative Services

The University of Cincinnati (UC), the University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI), and Procter & Gamble (P&G) celebrated the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the UC Simulation Center on Monday, October 2, 2017. The event marked the Center’s official opening as the first collaborative to occupy an innovation space in UC’s newly-constructed 1819 Innovation Hub on 2900 Reading Rd.

The UC Simulation Center, a collaborative effort between the University of Cincinnati and Procter & Gamble, was established in 2008. Formerly housed at Turner Center on Vine Street, the Center’s collaborative teams of P&G and UC engineers and students have worked on well over 200 of P&G projects over the years. These collaborations give P&G access to solutions and talent, while providing students opportunities to work on real-world industrial projects. Students work directly with P&G modeling experts to develop, plan, receive research-specific training and on-going coaching.

The Sim Center is the first collaborative to move into the 1819 Innovation Hub. The Center employs 35-70 students at one time and operates on a $2M annual budget, complete with one full-time P&G employee, six UC staff including two post-docs and two research associates, and approximately 28 P&G mentors. P&G has hired seventeen students through the program, with several more going on to work at many of P&G’s suppliers and partners.

The Sim Center capitalizes on the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science’s computer simulation expertise to provide P&G with cost-effective, high value virtual modeling and simulation capabilities, that are applied to their products and manufacturing processes, while developing a talent pipeline for future recruitment.

The Sim Center is credited with expediting solutions to critical commercial problems quickly and at a fraction of the cost of more traditional approaches. Through student, faculty and P&G collaborations, the Center focuses on applications, development, and deployment of computational engineering models in areas such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, reliability engineering, supply chain, chemical/process systems, computational chemistry, imaging methods, operations research, and model deployment.

The UC Sim Center-P&G academia-industry partnership has garnered much success and attention throughout its 9 years in operation, and the model been deployed by P&G to centers in Europe and Asia and has been adopted by other university-industry partnerships across the nation.

In fact, UC and P&G have agreed to consider including other companies that might want to join the UC Simulation Center.

“There are always things to be learned from other companies that do simulation,” said Don Bretl, P&G Associate Director, Corporate Functions, Modeling & Simulation and co-founder of the Sim Center.  “Sometimes it’s the simulation technology itself, but also their overall approach to how to leverage simulation and the supporting business model.  Additionally, more industry participants create more opportunities for students and hence a larger recruiting pool for everyone involved.  We were previously space constrained, but now having this larger, high quality space supports expansion for more students.  One of the areas we are looking to grow is in Data Science, and we are betting that the UC Simulation Center can help there as well.”


For more information about the UC-P&G Simulation Center, please visit: http://ceas.uc.edu/ucsc.html