UC Center for Robotics Research


The Center for Robotics Research consists of the UC Robotics Lab, the Swarm Robotics Lab, and the UC Robotics Team. In 2013, the Center hosted 3 senior design projects for 12 students. These project included a quadcopter redesign, an airplane release mechanism, and a reemote inspection device.

Our current team projects include:

  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  • Radio Controlled T-Shirt Cannon
  • Autonomous Quadcopter
  • Autonomous Airplane
  • Mini Sumo Bots

 The Robotics Team meets once a week at 7:30 in 511 Baldwin Hall. We also work  in the lab frequently throughout the week and on the weekends, stop by if you're interested!

 Also, check out our Facebook Page and Youtube channel.

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T_shirt cannon team