Evaluation Plan

The overall question guiding this evaluation is: “Does the design- and challenged-based instruction in science and mathematics leverage program activities to contribute to gains in student achievement?”

Other guiding questions for evaluative data interpretation include the following:

Project Implementation

How consistent are the conducted project activities with the project design?

What implementation concerns arise during the course of CEEMS and what solutions did the project team identify?

Research Design

How effective is the research design in CEEMS?

How well do the research activities address project goals?

Project Sustainability

What aspects of the project team’s decisions regarding design- and challenge-based instruction for supporting science and math learning were valid and sustainable after the funding ends?

What aspects of CEEMS are portable to other learning environments?

To help the project team continue to improve its processes, annual evaluation results are discussed overall, relative to the three major aspects of the CEEMS Project: the project implementation, research design, and project sustainability.

For a complete copy of the 2012 CEEMS Evaluation Report.