Secondary Engineering Education Certificate

New Graduate Certificate Program

Secondary Engineering Education

UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science

12 credit hours

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This new certificate program will empower teachers to

  • Describe and apply the engineering design process
  • Create instructional units that incorporate math and science content in engineering design activities
  • Develop classroom management skills that enable engineering design and project-based activities to be incorporated in their classrooms
  • Describe different fields of engineering and be able to clearly communicate engineering connections to their secondary students

Students will take four classes.  All will be online beginning in Fall 2016.  In person classes offered in Summer 2016.

Certificate Courses

Participants will typically take one course a semester (though it is possible to take more than one) and will typically follow the progression illustrated below.  Engineering Foundations is always taken as the first course in the certificate.  One credit of Capstone is taken during the 3rd semester so that participants can begin the process of implementation and have time for feedback prior to final implementation.

         Required Courses  

  • Engineering Foundations (must be taken first)
  • Engineering Education Certificate Capstone

         Elective Choices (choose two)

  • Engineering Applications in Math
  • Models and Applications in Physical Sciences
  • Integrating STEM into Practice

Secondary Engineering Education