Wood Technology Program

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Program Overview:

The Wood Technology Program offers a wide range of fine woodworking courses including: Furniture Construction, Furniture Drawing & Architectural Woodwork, Wood Carving, Turning & Crafts, Wood Finishing, Woodworking Machinery & Understanding Wood Species. Hands on learning is utilized to craft the furniture or art object assigned for the course.

Enrollment Open to All:

The Wood Technology Program courses are open everyone :  all current UC students from any campus, college or major; all UC faculty & staff & anyone from outside the university (you do not need to be a current UC student). All skill levels are welcome in the Wood Technology Program.

BoK Fine Arts Electives:

For UC students all courses count toward your degree as (3) credit hour electives while learning time-honored skill of fine woodworking. UC's GenEd core to prepares "students as life-long learners."

All Wood Technology courses meet UC's Breadth of Knowledge Requirement (BoK) in the area of Fine Arts (FA).  

"Courses in this area help students understand and appreciate creative works and history of the arts. In addition, these courses aim to teach students to recognize the comprehensive role of arts as an expression of the cultural values of a society and the need to preserve these expressions for the benefit of future generations."

Course Times & Location:

Wood Technology courses meet for approximately (3) hours, one day per week for the full semester. Courses are typically scheduled in the late afternoons, Monday through Thursday.

Our fully equipped woodworking facilities are located at the UC Victory Parkway Campus. The UC Shuttle provides transportation from UC's main campus.

Register for Wood Technology Courses:

Register for courses on UC's OneStop site. Look in the discipline CBMK (Cabinet and Furniture Making).

NOTE:  If you have never taken a class at UC, you first must contact the UC Office of the Registrar's to complete the "Basic Data Form". For step-by-step instruction see our FAQ page.

If you are experiencing problems registering for any course in the Wood Technology Program, please contact Mark Costello for assistance.