CEAS Construction Management Teams Dominate Regionals

18 School of Advanced Structures’ students excelled in the ASC Great Lakes Region Student Competition in Chicago, Illinois taking two firsts and a second.

The Associated Schools of Construction Great Lakes Region III held its annual student competition October 20-23, 2010.  Three teams were sent from UC to compete in each of the three divisions - Commercial, Design Build and Heavy Civil.  Fourteen schools from across the six state region brought their best construction student teams, and our students outshined them all.

When the teams arrived in Chicago, they chose a company name for their team and were given a project to be submitted for proposal within 16 hours which were then presented, judged and awards presented.

ASC Design Build team

Design Build Competition Team

In order to win for the third straight year, the Heavy Civil Division team needed to display skills in the following categories: Quantity Take-offs, Problem Solving/Scheduling, Cost Estimate and Pricing, Contract Questions, Written Proposals and Oral Presentation. The team also demonstrated a full knowledge of the plans and specifications, problem solving and method analysis, technical ability, cost analysis, and communication skills.

Similarly, in the Commercial Division this year’s problem centered on a project for the Metropolitan Transportation Regional Authority.  The successful team was be required to demonstrate full knowledge of the plans and specifications, problem solving, methods of construction, presentation and communication skills. The problem involved application of scheduling techniques, estimating, risk management, budgeting, evaluation of client criteria, and coordination.

At the end of the 16 hours, bids are delivered to the judges and work begins on the presentations. Oral presentations using physical materials with an oral delivery are made the following afternoon. The presentation gives both the judges and the Applied Science team the opportunity to discuss the project. The judges further question the team on the means and methods used to bid and build the job.

"Competitions are great motivators and bring out the best in our students. These exercises build their teamwork skills, sharpen their problem solving abilities and drive home the importance of being an excellent communicator. Competitions like these also provide us, with a guide on how we are doing and serve to establish our reputation as a leader in construction methods and education," declares Dr. Mousa Gargari, director of the CEAS School of Advanced Structures.

Top Design - Entrance

Entrance to the Casino of UC Design Build Team

Excellence and leadership were never more apparent than during the award presentations as the UC teams claimed first in the Commercial Division, first in the Heavy Civil Division and second in the Design Build Division.  In a first for the competition, Judge Ryan Freeman, Director Business Development, McCarthy, in presenting the second place award to the UC Design Build team stated, “I will be sending this team's design off to the our Architects."

Congratulations to all three UC teams as each earned top honors and cash at the competition:

  • Commercial - 1st place ($1,000 prize)
  • Design Build - 2nd place ($750 prize)
  • Heavy Civil - 1st place ($1,000 prize)

And the school’s thanks to its industrial sponsors and coaches who make participation possible.

Now, preparation begins for the national competition which will pit the best from each of the six ASC regions against even more daunting projects to determine the national champion for the 2010-11 academic year. 

Congratulations to our students!

First Place Commercial Team

Anthony Diller (Captain)
Tom Elliot
Brennan Pacoe
Kyle Pagel
Joeseph Stamper
Mark Scholz
Faculty Coach, Dr. Ihab Saad

Second Place Design Build Team

Martin Davis (Captain)
Brian Bruner
Eric Carlson
Kevin Daubenmire
Ana Figueira
Robert Hudepohl
Faculty Coach, Dr. Hazem Elzarka

First Place Heavy Civil Team

Tim Lees (Co-Captain)
Mike Schweer(Co-Captain)
Adam Brooks
Greg Christenson
Kyle Dues
Luke Wurzelbacher
Faculty Coach, Dr. Ihab Saad

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