CEAS Sponsors Local High School Robotics Competition

Eleven high schools within the area competed in the “Where in Neighborhood is Dr. Dunn” 2010 robotics contest.

Date: October 18, 2010

By: Kelley Ujvary

Contact: kelley.ujvary@gmail.com


In a competition that tests creativity, design and mechanical skills, curiosity, persistence and determination, “Where in the Neighborhood is Dr. Dunn?” challenges high school students to help Dr. Dunn implement environmental solutions to the hazards in her neighborhood.

As a team, students must build a neighborhood and a robot that can perform two or more functions that solve the environmental hazards in the neighborhood.  They must research these environmental hazards and solutions. 

The robots will be built using the Lego® MindStorms® Kit, which is provided to each team.  These kits consist of over 500 pieces including sensors, cables and many other parts that contribute to the building of a wide range of robots.  It also includes functions that allow for downloading of programs and growing the MindStorms “brain” so it can perform many different processes. 


At the competition the teams are given twelve  minutes to show what their robot can do to address the environmental hazards in the neighborhood, as well as one minute to tell the judges how the robot will fix the neighborhood.  The students are judged and scored on the following areas:

·         Robot functions/actions

·         Floor design – the neighborhood with environmental hazards

·         Creativity – robot & floor connection to environment theme

·         Oral presentation on quality improvement & journal

·         Table Display

Congratulations to the 2010 winners!

OVERALL WINNERS:  1st place – Phoenix Community Learning Center
                               2nd place – Walnut Hills High School

DISPLAY WINNERS:  1st place – Phoenix Community Learning Center
                              2nd place – St. Marks Outreach Center

ORAL PRESENTATION:  1st place – St. Marks Outreach Center
                                   2nd place – Hughes High School
                                   Phoenix Community Learning Center

FLOOR DESIGN:  1st place – Walnut Hills High School
                         2nd place – Mt. Healthy Junior High School

ROBOT DESIGN/FUNCTION    1st place – Phoenix Community Learning Center
                                          2nd – Shroder High School

This contest wouldn’t be possible without its board of sponsors including: National Technical Association-Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Cincinnati, St. Mark’s Outreach Center, Toyota, the American Society for Quality, and a special thanks to Dr. Cheryll Dunn of UC-CEAS.