Environmental Engineering Bachelors Degree Announced


Long recognized as a leader in environmental education with its graduate program in Environmental Engineering, the College of Engineering and Applied Science is pleased to announce the Environmental Engineering Program (ENVE) now includes an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.  Applications are currently being accepted for the fall quarter, 2012.

BS-ENVE provides undergraduate students with the background necessary to bridge the gap between understanding challenging societal problems in the air, water, land, and subsurface environments, and then solving these problems in a sustainable manner.  The curriculum is based on a sound understanding of the sciences and mathematics, strengthened with engineering fundamentals and work experience through the college’s renowned co-op program.  

In their freshman year, students begin with the traditional English and math classes. However, they are able to delve into their major classes in their first year by taking environmental engineering, chemistry and biology classes.

Their next four years are filled with many more environmental engineering classes and others including fluid mechanics, civil engineering, measurement labs and professional development courses.

In their senior year, students participate in a capstone-design experience that fosters interaction and communication between different engineering disciplines while applying environmental engineering principles to a field problem.


“The need for environmental engineers will continue to increase as we strive to cope with expanding urbanization, crumbling infrastructures, global climate change, and an increase in the human population,” says program director George Sorial. This continual evolution, or constant state of change, challenges the faculty as the curriculum requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments to remain current.

The discipline of environmental engineering is in constant flux due to the manner in which human society and economy have interacted with the natural environment since the industrial revolution.  Students in our program are introduced to the tools of green engineering design as they are being developed on the cutting edge of sustainability research, and they may choose to explore these strategies in more depth as one of the focus areas of the program.

The current graduate and PhD programs in this area have been continually recognized for their excellence.  In the past five years, the graduate EES program has obtained significant funding from competitive, national level agencies including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH), and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Hygiene (NIOSH).


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