Eweek at UC

National Eweek will once again be honored here at UC CEAS February 20-26, 2011 hosted by The Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal .

Date: February 10, 2011

By: Kelley Ujvary


Participants race to the finish during the mini bike challenge of Eweek 2010

Engineers really do have more fun! The week dedicated to engineers will consist of events celebrating all of their hardwork. The hallmark events are the Date Auction on Friday and the semi-formal banquet which takes place on Saturday.

Monday through Friday there will be events where teams can compete to earn points.  At the end of the week, whichever team has earned the most points wins top team as well as prizes.  There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team. 

Several events throughout the week are planned and sponsored by local businesses including Chiptole who will be sponsoring a paper airplane contest with prizes and Marathon Oil will be hosting a lunch and cornhole tournament. Many other events will be hosted by CEAS student organizations including Engineers without Borders and Freshman Engineering Leadership.  Events range from fun to discipline based activities. 

Events from the past have included a tricycle race, tug-o-war, a Euchre tournament, bridge building, and the infamous (yet fun) duct taping of students to the wall.  The judges who award points to the winners are the members of the student organization that is hosting the event.


The duct tape challenge - How long can she last?

Eweek continues through the weekend as well.  Friday will begin with a Hoxworth blood drive from 10:00 am 2:00 pm.  The committee encourages all UC students to come out and donate, as blood supplies are extremely low. 

Friday evening tribunal will be hosting a date auction at Holy Grail at 8:00 pm.  Last year, all of the proceeds went toward Relay for Life.  This year, the proceeds from the auction will be going to Engineers without Borders for their upcoming trip to Tanzania. 

“We wanted to expand ourselves.  We sat down and talked about it and they are doing something great over there in Tanzania.  This money that we have should go to them.  The school they are building will provide education for the community,” said Senior and Eweek Chair Zach Nieberding. 

Saturday will be the annual banquet held at Paul Brown Stadium.  It will be a night that consists of dinner, awards, speeches and dancing.  The whole college is invited to join in on these festivities and celebrate their hard work in their majors. 

In the past, some of the awards given out have been Professor of the Quarter, Professor of the Year, TA of the Quarter and TA of the Year.  Nominations and votes come from students for these awards.  The college’s alumni also association gives out an award to graduating seniors, and announces the Herman Schneider nominees.

After the banquet, Eweek officially closes and the Eweek committee begins planning for next year.  “We book event locations, do a lot of the paper work, contracts and insurance to get ready for the next year,” says Nieberding.  We want to be prepared to pass down Eweek to the next committee.

 “I am learning a lot about the planning that goes into this week.  You have to stay on top of organizations, be working with Hoxworth and the committees while also finding tasks for the volunteers who signed up,” says next year’s new Eweek Chair, Maggy Zorc.


Seniors receiving awards at the 2010 Eweek banquet.

“Eweek is a great way for CEAS students to come together and do fun things.  We don’t really have any other times like this to just be with your friends and have fun,” says Zorc. 

These students put in more work than you could imagine making this nationally recognized week a success.  “Planning really starts getting heavy in the middle of October and early November.  We meet every two weeks, after winter break we have weekly meetings and during Eweek we meet for about 5 hours a day, every day” Nieberding says.   

The Eweek committee consists of students within CEAS tribunal who volunteer to participate.  This year, there are about 25-30 people on the committee. 

EWeek is a nationally recognized week dedicated to the positive contribution of engineers globally and here, at the University of Cincinnati.  The National Engineers Week Foundation strives to be the global leader in cultivating and celebrating the engineering profession and will be celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. 

For more information visit www.tribunal.uc.edu/eweek

Contact the Eweek committee by email: uc.eweek@gmail.com

Or by stopping by or calling their office: 652 Baldwin, 556-5439