RESULTS: High School Bridge Competition at CEAS

154 bridges came, but only one team could reign supreme.  Congratulations to Allison Ernst, Joe Kappen and Kyle Macke from William Henry Harrison High School.  Each team member won $75 and a $1,000 scholarship to CEAS.

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Local high school students come to UC to test their bridges and win CEAS Scholarships.

Date: March 2, 2011

By: Kelley Ujvary


On Friday, March 4, in the Great Hall at TUC from 9:00 am to noon, the School of Advanced Structures will host their annual Bridge Building Competition. Over 300 students from eight different high schools in the Greater Cincinnati area are bringing 154 bridges to be tested. 

This competition exposes students to the math, science, and technology that engineers today use when designing real structures.  It gives them the experience of a hands-on building project.

The bridge builders must follow certain guidelines.  Materials the students use to build the bridge must be (1) wood bonded by (2) any type of glue.  They have the freedom to build any type of bridge as long as it meets the minimum requirements of being a single structure with dimensions of: length (80 mm), width (50 mm), and a maximum weight (0.68 kg). 

Awards are given for the strongest bridge, the stiffest bridge, and an overall award for best bridge.  There are first, second and third place prizes for the students who win the overall section, as well as first, second and third place recognition for the strongest and stiffest bridge. 


“Most students in the competition are excellent in math and science and natural recruits for CEAS, and we are offering scholarships to the winning teams,” said competition chair, Dr. Gian Rassati.

Participants are judged by the School of Advanced Structures (SAS) faculty including the head judge, Mousa Gargari, director of SAS. 

CEAS-SAS undergraduate and graduate students volunteer to help with the competition throughout the day of the event.  SAS students handle participant registration, qualification of bridges, testing of bridges, data acquisition, conducting tours and a host of other details.

Last year, Zak Berger from William Henry High School and his bridge took home 1st place. 

Check out videos from previous competitions.