JETS 2011


"There is no simple answer!"

“It is a great opportunity for students to learn more about engineering and find excitement in the engineering field,” declares UC JETS chair Becky Tudor.

Each year, UC hosts a national JETS (Junior Engineering Technical Society) TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aptitude Mathematics and Science) Test, a competition for High School students to put their critical thinking to the test. 

On March 2, 2011, 61 teams from 34 different schools made up of over 500 students will be spending the day on campus competing in this test. Students will be coming from as far as Columbus and Kentucky, but we will also see some local competition in St. X, Mercy, McAuley,    Anderson and Turpin. 

The test is a 2-part endeavor that begins first with an 80 question multiple-choice test given to each team. The test will challenge the students’ knowledge a step above what a typical high school aptitude test would. 

The second part is a problem based scenario that students are challenged to solve. Last year with the theme of ‘Water, water, everywhere’ students were faced with exploring how geological engineers, who possess certain skills, can provide safe drinking water to families and citizens of the world.  


Teams are hard at it.

This year, the theme is ‘Smarter Energy - Cleaner Planet’.  Their scenario is to tackle energy and the global need for diversification, efficiency, security and ecological sustainability.

There are 8 different divisions based on the size and selectivity of the school.  Students are then divided into teams by school based on their grade level.  “We award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each division and grade level based on the overall score of Part 1.  First place 11/12 teams within each division are offered scholarships to CEAS,” says Tudor. 

Part 2 is judged by the national JETS organization and is used in conjunction with Part 1 scores for national rankings.  National rankings of all teams are announced online in April. 

Overall, in 2010 our highest placing team for Part 1 scores was the 11/12 team from Walnut Hills with 72/80 questions correct.  “This program teaches them to think critically about integrated concepts they have learned in high school and apply them to real world problems,” holds Tudor. 


"Are we on target? Egg's away!"

During the students lunch break, CEAS Tribunal sponsors an egg drop contest for the high school participants.  Students preregister to compete and are given specifications as to what kind of contraption they can build to protect an egg that will be dropped off the CCM Bridge.   This competition is clearly the light-hearted highlight of the day.  Judges are members of tribunal and a faculty member (Eugene Rutz this year).

Three awards are given out from this contest including:

·  William Yell Award: top 3 with best egg accuracy

·  Leonardo Davinci Award: top 3 most creative designs

·  Humpty Dumpty Award: top 3 most dramatic failures

The university and the college have hosted the program for over ten years, and for the past few years have boasted the largest regional competition.  This is Becky’s fourth year on the team and her first year as chair.  UC-JETS hopes to be the largest competition once again this year and be the place that students come for a strong challenge and a truly memorable day.

Story By:  Kelley Ujvary

Photos By:  Katie Hageman