Top Scholars Elect CEAS

12 Cincinnatus Scholars pursue degree at CEAS.

Date: December 14, 2010

By: Kelley Ujvary


Each year, thousands of students fight to earn one of the “full rides” offered through the Cincinnatus Scholarship competition.  The winners join an elite group of students who are presented with endless door opening opportunities. 

This year, forty-four scholarships were awarded, twelve of them to CEAS freshman studying in all of the college’s schools and striving for that quality education regarded so highly.  Students receive $16,000 a year ($64,000 over a four year time span) that goes to their housing and tuition.  In addition, winners receive a one time payment of $1,500 to put towards a new computer purchase (laptop or desktop), a study abroad experience, or an undergraduate research experience any one of which will contribute to their success. 

To win this scholarship, students must be a finalist from the National Merit or National Achievement Scholarship Program and demonstrate capability of excelling in academic endeavors.  Students receiving one of these scholarships are required to maintain a 3.2 GPA and complete 30 hours of community service each year.  The reward is well worth the work these students put into it.  

Many factors allow CEAS to stand out from the crowd, and appeal to these scholars in their decision making process.  We asked some of the recipients what these factors were.  Many students spoke of the co-op program that allows them to gain real world work experience while in college.  “Experience in the work place will help me more in getting a job” said recipient Briana Conners.  But it is more than just the experience; some of them come for the reputation.  Recipient Lauren Schultz told us that “The thing that stood out the most for me about UC was the great reputation of the engineering programs.  I knew that I was interested in engineering, so UC was a natural choice.” 

As their first quarter draws to a close, the winners are already getting involved in extracurricular activities and planning ahead for their future.  “I have become involved in the University Honors Association, Engineers Without Borders, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers” says Schultz, “While I am here at UC, I plan to get involved and take advantage of the many opportunities the university and CEAS have to offer.”  In this short time, they have received exposure and guidance to begin to narrow down what they want to do in the future.  For Brianna Conners, it is beginning research and for Robert Paponetti, traveling abroad to Russia to continue studying engineering. 

As the students close their first quarter with CEAS, they feel confident that they have made the right choice for furthering their education.  “I love it here, and I think I am excelling in all of my classes (although they are very challenging)” said recipient Robert Paponetti. 

Congratulations to this year’s CEAS Cincinnatus Scholars!

Michael Begovich
Briana Conners
Cynthia Dickman
Eric Fash
Andrew Garner
Daniel Hollingsworth
Kendall Knoke
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lorenzetti
Timothy Moscarino
Robert Paponetti
Lauren Schultz