Combustion Research Laboratory
Location: 5997 Center Hill Ave.
Phone: 513-641-3041

High Temperature Erosion Lab
Location: 5997 Center Hill Ave.
Phone: 513-242-2411
Website: http://www.aerospace.ceas.uc.edu/psl

Gas Dynamics and Propulsion Lab
Location: 300 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-3356
Website: http://www.ase.uc.edu/~GDPL

Gas Turbine Simulation Lab
Location: 5997 CenterHill
Phone: 513-556-3222
Website: http://gtsl.ase.uc.edu

Ultra Sonic Imaging Lab

Location: 500 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-3683
Website: http://www.ase.uc.edu/USIL/index.html

Propulsion Systems and Aeroacoustics Simulation Lab
Location: 813 Engineering Research Center
Phone: 513-556-6498
Website: http://aerospace.ceas.uc.edu/psl

Nondestructive Evaluation Lab
Location: 442, 451, 475 Engineering Research Center
Phone: 513-556-3353
Website: http://www.ase.uc.edu/~pnagy/NDE/