Dr. Asif Syde


Research Professor, University of Cincinnati, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

Dr. Asif A. Syed has worked in the field of Aeroacoustics for more than 41 years; at Rolls Royce in England (1972 to 1980), at GE Aircraft Engines (1980 to 2002) and at University of Cincinnati since 2003. He has worked on numerous acoustical problems including duct acoustics and acoustic treatment (liner) research, jet and turbo-machinery noise research, and development of advanced measurement techniques for acoustic source location. He is widely recognized for his expertise in the design of acoustic liners in the nacelle ducts of commercial aircraft engines and in the afterburners of military engines.

In June 2003, Dr. Syed was appointed Research Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at University of Cincinnati. In this role he is the principal investigator and supervisor of research by graduate and undergraduate students in Duct Acoustics and Liner Design Technology. This research has been sponsored by NASA and by aviation industry. Currently, Dr. Syed and his students are working on projects sponsored by GE Aviation, Middle River Aircraft Systems, and Cornerstone Research Group.