Academic Integrity & Plagiarism


Student Code of Conduct
Contains University of Cincinnati policy on academic misconduct.

All MS and PhD students must upload their thesis, dissertations and/or projects to SafeAssign as part of their college graduation requirements.


* What is Plagiarism?
A presentation by Dr. Thomas Mantei on how to identify and avoid plagiarism.
* Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism
This document outlines resources available to help students understand and avoid plagiarism.
* Graduating Student Plagiarism Pledge Form
All graduating students must submit a signed copy of this form as part of their graduation requirements.
* New Student Plagiarism Pledge Form
All new graduate students must review the policy on plagiarism in the UC student Code of Conduct. Students must then submit a signed copy of the New Student Plagiarism pledge to the CEAS graduate office.