Bio-Medical Informatics

Biomedical Informatics Graduate Certificate

A joint program between the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Medicine in partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.


BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS (BMI) is an interdisciplinary field which combines knowledge of informatics, and medical sciences, to assist in the management of health and biomedical information. BMI has become an integral component of both clinical and translational research and health care infrastructure, increasing the demand for researchers and health professionals trained in BMI.

The BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS CERTIFICATE is based on the principle of combining foundations in computer science and engineering with state-of-the-art clinical and biomedical applications. It is open to graduate students as well as clinicians and professionals with advanced degrees. Coursework is currently delivered face-to-face but an online option is in development.

The CURRICULUM consists of four core courses and two electives for a total of 19 semester credit hours. Credits can be obtained for completing equivalent courses within home programs, either in biology/medicine or engineering/computer science fields.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

STUDENTS WHO are awarded the Biomedical Informatics Graduate Certificate will have a broad understanding of the field, knowledge of information technology solutions and hands-on experience with Electronic Health Record and other clinical informatics systems. At the same time, students will learn principles of data science and its applications to clinical, genomic, and other large scale data sets in the context of studies on disease etiology, personalized treatment and optimal clinical interventions.

CANDIDATES MAY APPLY for the Biomedical Informatics Certificate through the University of Cincinnati admission system at Admission to the program is dependent on the completion of pre-requisites.

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