Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I access and log into the virtual sessions?

Please refer to the NX tutorial to access the virtual server. The login information is the same user name and password as your central login credentials.

2) Is there a limit on the session?

No, your session will not expire unless you log out of your account. We will be monitoring sessions for inactivity. Sessions that are inactive will be closed.

3) How do I copy files to/from my profile?

You can either SFTP to or you can copy files from  your OCC student file space (Windows File Space used in the OCC Computing Labs). This is automatically mapped for you to your NX Desktop called CEAS_FILES.

How to documentation on SFTP files to your virtual account

4) Do I need to sign in to VPN before connecting to the system?

No, you can directly connect to the virtual server. Refer to the NX tutorial.

5) Do I have a limit on account size?

No, but only files relevant to class projects should be saved on the server. We will be deleting all accounts on the virtual server at the end of each term. All files not moved into your OCC files space or saved to your local machine will be deleted without a backup or notice.

6) What happens if I lose my connection?

When you connect again, your session will continue where you left off. You will not lose any unsaved documents or processes.

7) Who do I contact for help?

Please email or stop by 636 ERC and the OCC consultants can help you.