SFTP Files Into Your Virtual Session

Step 1

    Install a SSH/SFTP Client

    You can download and install a free SSH/SFTP Client from:


    Or as an alternative you can download WinSCP:


Step 2

    Open SSH Secure File Transfer Client by double clicking the icon on your desktop.


Step 3

    Connect to the virtual server by clickon on "Quick Connect"


Step 4

    Put in the following information:

    Host Name: virtulab.ceas1.uc.edu
    User Name: Your 6+2 (Central Login ID)
    Port Number: Leave Default (22)
    Authentication Method: Leave Default (<Profile Settings>)


Step 5

    Drag and drop files from your local machine into the SFTP client. For example if you want to put files on NX Virtual Desktop places files from your local system in the folder called "Desktop"