Running Application Simulations

You are allowed to run application simulation inside your virtual linux environment. See our "How to connect documentation" for information on connecting to the virtual environment. Below are some guidelines for running simulations:

Please be considerate of other users and run simulations late at night (after 6PM), on Weekends, or during term breaks.

If you need to get large files into your virtual environment you can either put the files in you OCC File space (My Documents in the Windows Environment in OCC computing labs) or you can SFTP your files into your profile (

How to documentation on SFTP files to your virtual account

If your simulation will take a long time to run, then you can suspend your virtual session and your simulation will keep running. See the documentation below on suspending your session:

In order to keep your session running just close the NX Client by clicking the red X in the top right corner and choose "Disconnect".


The next time you log back into NX, your session will resume.