Process for CEAS Researchers to Use Storage on UCIT Isilon SAN

Last Update: August 2016 

Process for Isilon SAN Storage

  • A folder will be created for each member of the CEAS graduate faculty. 
  • Each faculty will have the ability to configure their folder as they deem necessary. 
  • To request other faculty, staff and/or students to be granted access under your folder, submit an email to specifying your access requirements, listing names, 6+2 and folder(s) to be granted access. 


  • CEAS will subsidize each research faculty with 1TB. Storage above the 1TB quota will cost $0.05 per GB per Month. 
  • Example Monthly Costs Above 1TB Quota: 
    • 10GB of storage would cost $0.50 monthly, or $6.00 annually 
    • 1TB of storage would cost $51.20 monthly, or $614.40 annually 

Storage End of Life

It is strongly recommended to archive data off of the Isilon storage to a different storage location, such as SCHOLAR@UC, when a project is completed.